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We will be adding here more and more testimonials from the students and parents we have worked with across the years since 2009. We are launching this website in 2019. However we have had 10 successful years based solely on word of mouth from our pleased parents and students. We refrain from using the word “customers” … this is because we feel we are going through a journey together with the parents and students culminating in the success of the students and getting into their university of choice to study their major of choice.

“When someone puts as much effort into connecting with their students as Rany does, it truly creates a safe and comforting environment in which learning can be done. Tutoring lessons with Rany were something to always look forwards to, not only because he is one of the most kindhearted people I know, but also because of the extreme amount of effort he puts into effectively explaining content and ensuring that his students understand everything. Rany’s immense knowledge of both IB Math as well as general mathematical content equipped him to tackle all the questions that I had, in turn helping me overcome any struggle or difficulty that I faced. It would not have been possible to get predicted a 7 in IB SL Math if it wasn’t for Rany.”

George Hatzis, IB MAths, (DAA) Dubai American Academy, pre-med at Northwestern University

I tutored with Rany for around three years. He helped me with everything from pre algebra to geometry. He breaks down concepts so that they are much easier to understand. He is an expert in his field and always makes classes enjoyable!

Saneen Hamirani (ASD – American School in Dubai)
Claremont McKenna College
Intended International relations major


Testimonials on “Illustrating the Future” , our Adobe Illustrator course by the Fabulous George K

Read more about George in the ‘about us’ section and see these amazing testimonials below:

“George prepared a course that is split up into more than one training session. At first, he started with the basic work-space and then progressed to the details that we will need and left just enough time for interruptions and questions which allowed everyone to leave that room having understood it all. George has excellent communication skills.”

Rachel D, Urban Designer, AECOM

“George has so much knowledge in adobe illustrator.. he has taught me all the basics and guided me with designs. He was committed to our meetings and was very perseverant when he gave me assignments to do and actually graded me for my designs. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who want to learn adobe illustrator. He makes it a lot of fun and very enjoyable!”

Mariam M, Sales Manager by Day, Design Enthusiast by Night!

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