Math Tutoring and SAT Math Prep

Math Tutoring

We offer Math classes for all grades for most syllabi. Our tutors are experienced in teaching IB, American (AP), British (GCSE, IGCSE) and SABIS curricula. We offer 1-on-1 and classes for small groups (maximum 4 students). Groups must always be from the same school, same grade and same syllabus. Our tutors are young, energetic but also experience and extremely smart. The result of this combination is not only the academic improvement of our students but also the fact that they actually LOOK FORWARD to coming to class. Many parents have thanked us for enabling a fun yet productive environment for learning that encourages their children to enjoy their education and look forward to it!

SAT Math Prep

We have developed in-house a course targeted at enabling our students to succeed in the math section of the SAT. The course is designed to be delivered in a series of 8 2-hour classes. After each of the classes, an online test based on the class material is shared with each student to be completed within 48 hours at the student’s convenience. The results of this test are analyzed and a report is shared with the student to inform them their areas of improvement. An overall report is also used by the teacher to customize the course offering to the needs and weakness of the classroom.

The course is administered in a classroom style setting to groups of 8 to 12 students. The location can vary but will usually be either at our center in Al Barsha South (check the homepage for updates on our new location) or in pre-booked meeting rooms in Al Barsha South to be communicated.

Parents will have access to the progress reports from the course and be aware of the child’s achievements and areas of improvement in the course.

Classroom Training for Professionals

“Illustrating the Future” – an Adobe Illustrator course

Illustrating the future is a 7-hour training course – offered to our clients of Art, Architecture, Urban Design and Graphical backgrounds. The course begins before the training hours where the student must ensure the installation of the Adobe Illustrator software on the personal computer. Students will spend 8 hours out of which 7 are action-packed hours, with minor theoretic engagement and major practical applications. According to Adobe, ‘The industry standard vector graphics software lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile’. Through this training course students will have the basic understanding of the tools that help them create the vision they want to interpret.

About the course instructor: George is an Urban Designer based in Dubai holding a bachelor’s degree from the American University in Dubai. George has broad experience in the Middle East in various aspects of Architecture, Building Construction and Urban Design. George has a passion for design and an obsession with details, making him a perfect match with sophisticated design software such as Adobe Illustrator. George is first and foremost a people person and possesses great leadership skills which enable him to lead classroom trainings with great success.

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