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Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis and Visualization

Microsoft Excel is used by almost every professional in whatever job he is doing. Analysts use it to crunch numbers. HR staff use it to keep lists and stay organized. Sales specialists use it to track their performance and show their work. It is SO versatile and has SO many functionalities that you might not even know existed. Did you know you could use it as an automated meeting minutes record keeper? Did you know you could use it as an interface to access the files on your computer? Did you know that, if you really know how to use it, you should never reach out for your calculator again?

The course is administered in a classroom style setting to groups of 10 to 16 students. The location can vary but will usually be either at TRYP Tower in Barsha Heights.

Course Structure 

Day 1 

  1. What is a worksheet? What is a workbook? What is a cell? What is an array? What is a cell references? What is a formula? What is a macro? 
  2. Going through the file tab in excel: File, Insert, Data, Formula etc. 
  3. Simple cell Formulae: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc 
  4. Level 2 cell formulae: sum, minimum, maximum, count etc 
  5. Hyperlinks 
  6. Cell locking and cell protection 

Day 2 

  1. Filtering and Sorting 
  2. Level 3 formulae: sumifs, countifs, lookup, vlookup, iferror. 
  3. Pivot tables and their application 
    1. Simple pivot tables
    2. Dynamic pivot tables and slicers 
    3. Pivot charts 
  4. Application of skills. Create one of these 
    1. A dynamic to do list with categories and drop downs 
    2. Pivot table of existing data from everyday use 
    3. Interface to access files on computer. 


OPTION 1: SAT 9th and 16th Nov 2019, 2 PM to 7 PM
OPTION 2: SAT 23rd and 30th Nov 2019, 2 PM to 7 PM

Course cost for both days: 800 AED

Location: TRYP by WYNDHAM – Tecom Barsha Heights

All November participants receive a 30% discount! Click the “REGISTER NOW” link below to use this discount!


“Illustrating the Future” – an Adobe Illustrator course

Illustrating the future is a 7-hour training course – offered to our clients of Art, Architecture, Urban Design and Graphical backgrounds. The course begins before the training hours where the student must ensure the installation of the Adobe Illustrator software on the personal computer. Students will spend 8 hours out of which 7 are action-packed hours, with minor theoretic engagement and major practical applications. According to Adobe, ‘The industry standard vector graphics software lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations for print, web, video, and mobile’. Through this training course students will have the basic understanding of the tools that help them create the vision they want to interpret.

About the course instructor: George is an Urban Designer based in Dubai holding a bachelor’s degree from the American University in Dubai. George has broad experience in the Middle East in various aspects of Architecture, Building Construction and Urban Design. George has a passion for design and an obsession with details, making him a perfect match with sophisticated design software such as Adobe Illustrator. George is first and foremost a people person and possesses great leadership skills which enable him to lead classroom trainings with great success.

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