The Journey Begins

In the Summer of 2008, as a university sophomore sitting in the computer lab in the engineering building, I realized 2 things:

  1. I understood and retained my knowledge of mathematics far better than my peers
  2. My allowance as a university student was not cutting it.

My mind drifted to back in my high school days when a math tutor would come over to the house and teach me math. My parents felt that my performance surpassed my age group and therefore hired a private tutor for a few months to teach me advanced mathematics and take me beyond what i was taking at school. As I lingered on that memory I remembered that I had fun with that tutor. His name was Mr. Abraham. He was very bright but also fun and pleasant to work with. He made me enjoy the classes and in fact sometimes look forward to them. Or maybe it was just because i was a big nerd. Anyway …. I thought to myself … maybe I can do that! Maybe I can tutor other high school and university students in mathematics.

I placed my first ad online and got my first student. He was a Grade 12 student doing his IGCSE and he was 19 years old. Funnily enough I had a graduated at the age of 17 from high school, and as a university sophomore I was also 19 years old. We were the same age! I thought that might be a problem or that it might affect my credibility as a teacher. However after the first class, the parents called me to thank me and to ask me to become his regular tutor doing classes with him 2 to 3 times a week. They told me that the student understood my explanations much better than his teacher at school and also enjoyed doing class with me because I made the class fun. Our journey together ended with success, which through word of mouth got me 10 other students within just 2 months. The following year I had 40 regular students. In the following years, that number would continue to rise  as I continued to receive phone-calls from parents almost on a weekly basis.

This website and this initiative today is in the hopes of extending my reach and the reach of those around me to help more people in their studies and also in their professional lives. Please go ahead and read our offerings and feel free to get in touch with us to know more about our offerings, our rates and how we work. To sum up who we are, we are inspired individuals who take great pride in what we do and in delivering a high quality service. We are the least commercial training and education center you will encounter and the most in touch with our partners: you!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton