about us

Rany – Math Fanatic

Rany holds a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in Engineering. He is the proud recipient of many awards and academic distinctions, such as the President’s Award for Student Excellence during his BSc and a fully funded scholarship for his MSc. Rany works as an analyst for top tier companies by day, and is a math and physics tutor by night. Rany enjoys teaching and has been doing it for the last 10 years and enjoys a lot of success because he knows how to make the students enjoy it as well. Rany was born and raised here in Dubai, attending Choueifat, followed by AUD for his bachelor and Masdar Institute (Affiliated with MIT) for his masters.

George – Design Whizz

George is an Urban Designer based in Dubai holding a bachelor’s degree from the American University in Dubai. George has broad experience in the Middle East in various aspects of Architecture, Building Construction and Urban Design. George has a passion for design and an obsession with details, making him a perfect match with sophisticated design software such as Adobe Illustrator. George is first and foremost a people person and possesses great leadership skills which enable him to lead classroom trainings with great success. Goerge teaches “Illustrate the Future”, and Adobe Illustrator course, which you can read more about under “offerings”.

Rafaella – SAT Math Expert

Rafaella was on her university’s Dean’s List ever since day 1. She graduated with highest honors at the top of her class, with a GPA of 3.99, from the American University in Cairo, with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She has always had a passion for teaching, which she used throughout her academic life teaching other students in different subjects, especially Mathematics and Economics. Rafaella was born and raised in Dubai. havng left it only to complete her Bachelor’s degree at AUC. Rafaella is our lead teacher for our SAT Math Course which you can read more about under “offerings”.

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